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Relaxers: (Normally applied every 6-8 weeks, using the Influance Off the scalp technique with ¼ inch partings, protecting the scalp with the Influance Conditioning Base and preventing over-processing with Influance Pre-chemical treatment) Virgin (Influance Crème Relaxer, Shea Butter or Sensitive Scalp) includes a Post Relaxer Infuser service, trim and basic style …………... $85.00 and Up (virgin means: either given to someone that has never had a relaxer, excessive amount of new growth, or a Corrective relaxer; someone needing the relaxer combed through to the hair ends to remove calcium buildup) Touch up (Influance Crème Relaxer, Shea Butter or Sensitive Scalp) ………… $65.00 and up (includes a Post Relaxer Infuser service, trim and basic style)(Touch up means: applied to the new growth of previously relaxed hair)

Halo/Retouch (w/any Influance relaxer) $15.00 plus additional cost with added services (Halo/Retouch means: applying relaxer only on the edges and nape area of the head)
Note: The Virgin and Touch-up prices include Only a Basic Style and a Whole Head Trim, see other services to know the difference. Halo/Retouch prices must be added to your total upon completion of your service request.

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Hair Cutting Services:

Perimeter Trim ……. $5.00  (combing all the hair down, then cutting approx. ½ inch around the perimeter of hair ends)

Whole Head Trim ..... $10.00
(Trimming the ends of the hair over the entire head of hair. Note: if this service requires trimming more than a ½ inch of the ends of hair, this service will then be classified as a Basic Cut and charged accordingly)

Basic Cut ………….. $15.00
(Cutting more than a ½ inch of hair in the shape or form of basic styles: Crop, Blunt, Shag, Asymmetric, etc.)

Thinning Cut ..........$20.00  (Removing excess bulk without shortening the hair length) Short Layer Cut ….... $20.00  (Shaping the hair so that the crown section is shorter than the front, sides, and nape, but falls with the different lengths blending in a downward motion) Shingling Cut …….... $20.00  (Cutting the hair in a sliding motion starting from the clients eye level cutting downward at a slight forward angle, causing the hair to huge the clients cheeks, chin, and neck) Long Layer Cut ……. $20.00  (A longer version of the short layer cut) Notch Cut ………... $25.00  (Adding texture to the hair by cutting into the guide, small “V” sections or notches, which leaves any style perfectly blended and free from weight lines and the need for curling) Razor Cut …………. $30.00 (Cutting the hair with a razor to reduce bulk, while giving the client natural flicks, jazziness to her style as well as a soft look)

Clippermetrics ……. $25.00
(Cutting the hair with Wahl or Oster clippers giving you a faster and precision cut. Clippermetrics in unlimited in its cutting styles and creativity and you will be amazed)
Note: With the exception of the Whole head trim that is included with Relaxers. All Hair Cut services are separate and must be calculated accordingly.

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Thermal Styling Services:

Curl Only ...............… $25.00
(No shampoo, dryer time, just curling)
Note: All curl only prices start at $25.00 but will increase based on what type of curl service is requested

Bump Curl ………….. $30.00 ------------------ $65.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Shampoo, blow-dry, and bump with large marcel iron to achieve fullness)

Basic Curl ................. $35.00 ------------------ $65.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set or wrap hair, dry then curl in desired style)

Waterfall Curl ............ $40.00 ------------------ $70.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set hair, dry then C-iron curl hair in waterfall style)

Flip/Flick Curl ............ $40.00 ----------------- $70.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set or wrap hair, dry then curl or C-iron upward into a flip/flick style)

Crimp Curl ................ $40.00 ----------------- $70.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set or wrap hair, dry then crimp hair into desired style)

Pencil Curl ................. $40.00 ------------------ $70.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set hair, dry then curl hair with the smallest iron available)

Combination Curl ...... $40.00 ------------------- $70.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set or wrap hair, dry then curl hair with a combination of (2) two of the above Curl services)

Ceramic Iron Service …… $40.00 ----------------- $70.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Flat iron, Silk wrap, Fusion wrap, etc.)

Natural Hair Silkening Service …… $65 and Up
(Using Influance Hair Care Products and the unique silkening tools to match the straightness, silky flow and healthy sheen as a relaxer)  Note: All Thermal Services are separate in pricing from Hair Cutting Services. Thermal Services include shampoo and a regular conditioner. If a relaxer is added then a Protein Treatment will be given (see prices for w/relaxer)

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Wet Hairstyling Services:

Flat Wrap ................ $35.00 ---------------------- $65.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Wrap hair, dry then comb hair out and add sheen)

Dubee Wrap .......... $35.00 ---------------------- $65.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set hair on metallic rollers, dry, add sheen, wrap, dryer 10 minutes, comb out, add gloss)

Finger/Scrunch Waves .. $35.00 ---------------------- $65.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Wave hair, dry, lift and diffuse into desired style)

Spiral Curls ................... $35.00 ---------------------- $65.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Sister set with rods or metallic rollers, dry, separate curls, add sheen)

Basic Updo ....................$40.00 ----------------------- $65.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set hair, dry then style in a plain or conservative French roll and/or Bun. Nothing fancy added)

Creative Updo ............... $45.00 ---------------------- $70.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set hair, dry then style in a creative or hair art fashion. See stylist to show examples)

Basic Pony Tail ………. $45.00 --------------------- $65.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set natural hair into a pony-tail, dry, attach hair weave to hang in back, then add sheen)

Hair Art Pony Tail …… $65.00 -------------------- $85.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set natural hair into a ponytail in the center of crown, dry, attach hair weave [perm yaki 12 inches], style creatively, then add spritz and sheen)

Straw Set …………….. $65.00 -------------------- $85.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set hair on straws, dry, separate curls into desired style, add sheen)

Flex Foam Straw Set ……… $45.00 ---------------- $65.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Set hair on foam rods, dry, separate curls into desired style, add sheen)

Twisty ……………… $10.00 (for half a section) ----- $15.00 (for whole head)
(These prices must be added to any style service that the client desires to have twisty included)
Note: If any of the above services require Weave to be added. The client must refer to the Weave Services price list to know her cost)

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Weave/Bonding Services:

Basic Glue Bonding ………….…. $85.00 ------------- $105.00 and Up w/relaxer (for whole head {more than 4 tracks added}) ….
$55.00 ------------ $75.00 and Up w/relaxer (For half head {less than 4 tracks added})                  or  ……. $10.00 per track

Illusion (Hard/Gel Wrap) ..$100.00 ------------ $130  and Up w/relaxer
(Gel set hair or set with Royal Silk Setting lotion, dry completely, bond weave to dried surface, cut & styled as desired, sheen added. The illusion gives the appearance of having your hair cut without cutting your natural hair)

Invisible Part Bonding ….. $110.00 ------------ $140.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Gel set hair or set with Royal Silk Setting lotion with desired part in hair, place wig cap on head, dry completely, cut wig cap where part is, bond weave to dried surface in the Invisible placement format, cut & styled as desired, sheen added. The invisible part bonding will fool the best of them included some of our professionals)

Sew-In Bonding ………... $160.00 ----------- $190.00 and Up w/relaxer (for whole head {more than 4 tracks added}) ……... $85.00 ------------ $105.00 and Up w/relaxer (for half head {less than 4 tracks added}) ………... $25.00 per track
(Braid hair into required position for hairstyle request, attach weave by sewing, cut & style as desired, sheen added. Sew-in is perfect for growing hair, and camouflaging patterned baldness)

No Braid Sew-In ………... $125.00 ----------- $155.00 and Up w/relaxer
(Gel set hair or set with Royal Silk Setting lotion place wig cap onto head, dry completely and style into desired style, add sheen. Sew-in is perfect for growing hair, and camouflaging patterned baldness)

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Track Removal Services:

Bonding Glue ……………$10.00
Sew-In ………………….. $15.00
Note: Every client desiring Weave Services must fill out a “Talk Hair Beauty Services Assumption Of Risk Form”. All clients that are requesting Sew-in service must give a $50.00 non-refundable deposit (1) one week prior to their appointment time. Although all deposits are non-refundable, in the case of a client’s change of mind, freak of nature, or emergencies with client or stylist, the exact amount of the deposit can be used towards future services. In the case of terminal illness or death of client the exact amount of deposit can be transferred (for future hair services) to (1) one family member, friend, or to the one who is the “Executor of Estate”. In the case of dissatisfaction of service the client is still required to pay the full amount of Service rendered. A consultation will be given to reach satisfaction (there will be no refunds and no deposits will be returned in the form of cash or check [credit towards future service only]). Upon the finish of a consultation and the client cannot be satisfied then we must follow what is instructed within the “Assumption of Risk Form”.   

Customized Wig Services:

Wig Styling ……….. $35.00 ……….. $50.00 with cut ---- (This service is for wigs that are already made or bought and the client desires another style or re-styled)

Designer Wig Creations ……….. $105.00 ……. $140.00 (for Updo) All Designer wigs will be created to fit your personality, career and beauty. They are lightweight, cool and comfortable.

(All clients that desire a designer wig created for them must have a consultation first and must bring their own hair)  

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Customized Color Services:

Rinse/Semi-permanent ………………… $15.00 and up All Artist Coloring services are designed to best suit your personality, career, condition of hair and beauty. Artistic color is excellent on gray coverage.(Specializing in Influance Artistic Conditioning Semi-permanent Gel coloring system; Adds color to natural or existing color, but does not change natural color. Washes out within 8-12 shampoos)

Toning …………………………………. $15.00 and up(Tones down color that may be to bright for client)

Pre-lighting …………. $40 per section/service

Permanent & Demi-permanent ………….. $70.00 (1st lift) ..… $20.00(each additional lift)
(Changes natural hair color or pre-colored hair to desired color)

Hi-Lites ……………. $65.00(1st lift) …… $15.00 (each additional lift)
(Covering head with Hi-lite cap, pull hair through holes, add permanent color of choice, dry, shampoo & style)

Foiling ……………... $65.00(1st lift) ….. $15.00(each additional lift)
(Using foil paper, separate hair into thin sections in desired pattern, place desired permanent color or rinse/semi-permanent, dry, shampoo & style)  Color Correction …………………….... $75.00 per application (This application is used to remove or change the previous base color used in prior color service. Which prevents unwanted colors)
Note: All Color Service prices are additional to any other service requested.

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Damaged Hair Treatment Services:

Proplex Reconstructor ………………………….…. $25.00
(This Proplex Treatment is composed of very potent Keratin proteins and amino acids that restore elasticity, strength, and moisture to hair that has been damaged. It repairs the hair from the inside out. The Proplex Reconstructor is not a conditioner and must be place in the same category as one)

Natural Oil (Hot Oil treatment) ……. $15.00
Note: All Treatment prices are separate and must be added to your other service if requested.

Hair Removal Services:
Eyebrow Arch
Razor ……………… $10.00
Trimmers ………….. $8.00
(Additional $5.00 for the Chin, Side, or Lip)

Make Up Artistry Service:

(Please click here to view pictures and review the “Booking/Pricing” PDF) Client Discounts:  (Note – none of the following discount plans are transferable or can be used together)

Senior Citizen Discount ………….. $5.00 off service for ages 55 & Up

Birthday Discount  …... $20.00 off service for birthday
(This discount is for any client that has been receiving services for one year or more that has not taking a break from services for more than 60 days (unless they went out to sea, on a detachment or ill). This Birthday Discount can not be used with any other discount or Gift Card offered by Levon Holman, Ambiance Hair Studios or

Referral Discount ………………. $10.00 off any service for (1) referral
(All referrals must be reported to Hair Stylist by Client and repeat visits does not constitute another referral. Also none of the $10.00 off referrals can be saved to use together for one service)

V.I.P Discount Plans  …………... $250.00 and $200.00 (see regulations below)
(This discount plan allows the client to receive $330.00 worth of services (6 $50 gift cards & 1 $30 gift cards) for $250.00 giving the client a $80.00 savings. The client to receive $250.00 worth of services (5 $50 gift cards) for $200.00 giving the client a $50.00 savings. The client that purchases either of these V.I.P plan agrees to use the gift cards their personal services only (they are non-transferable); No one other than the person that purchased these cards will be able to use them unless agreed to by Levon Holman or Ambiance Hair Studios or Management. This V.I.P. Discount Plan can not be used with any other discount or Gift Card offered by Levon Holman, Ambiance Hair Studios or Note: Levon Holman, appreciates every client and love to bless people, but Levon Holman does reserve the right to cease any or all Discount Services, which are not mandatory for Levon Holman to give. No exceptions will be made towards the discount regulations. Thank You & God Bless.

Levon Holman, National Educator for Influance Products What is a Consultation and Analysis of the hair and scalp?As a National Educator of Influance Hair Care, Inc., I have learned so much about healthy hair and true hair care and I have adopted their principles.

At Influance Hair Care, Inc. they strive to provide the highest quality and most innovative products that promote healthy hair, assist in the comprehensive growth of the Cosmetologist and nurture the integrity and professionalism of the Hair Care Industry as a whole and so do IThey are organizing this training to perform their teams’ technical step-by-step instructions is their way of making sure that they help us achieve the above mentioned goal and so do I.  Please give your self permission to allow our Home Hair Care team educate you with the basics, which is the true foundation to promote healthy hair and this attitude will guarantee your training session to be a successful one. First order of training must begin with performing a thorough hair, scalp and health consultation.  Keep in mind that every question asked will help us determine the best relaxer system (Shea Butter, Sensitive Scalp, or Crème) to choose from the Influance line that best works with your texture and density.  It will also help us determine which one of our Shampoos (Deep Cleansing, Stimulating or Moisturizing) services or Proplex Reconstructor is needed instead.  This consultation must include, but not limited to the following:

  • Perform a Porosity and Elasticity Test on specified strands/areas of hair.
  • Time of last relaxer service, professional or unprofessional application, what type (sodium hydroxide, calcium, etc.), strength and brand of relaxer. If they were professional do you know if they have a valid Cosmetology License; to find out visit 
  • Was the relaxer combed through to the ends and how long was the relaxer in the hair from beginning to rinsing out?
  • Was a timer used with your relaxer service?
  • Time of last color (bleaching, permanent, demi, semi and temporary), what type (powder, crème, shampoo, gel) and what brand?
  • Time of last braiding service, how long were braids in and how often were they serviced?
  • Scan hair for the length of split ends to determine if trim or cut is needed, also scan scalp for scabs, red bruises or bumps, cow-licks, bald spots or patches.
  • Question Genetic Predisposition; their family’s history of hair loss (mom, dad, grandparents, etc.). Discuss (DHT) dihydrotestosterone which causes the hair follicle to deteriorate.
  • Health and Medications: thyroid issues, cancer and it’s treatments, birth control, menopause, medications (blood pressure, thyroids, insulin, etc.) with side effects that can potentially cause hair loss.
  • Stress and Trauma levels: increased levels of stress can produce increased levels of testosterone, which will convert to DHT and interrupt the hair growth cycle.  If these levels of Stress and/or Trauma continue they can constrict the blood supply to the papilla (which is the blood vessel that supplies the hair follicle all of it’s oxygen and nutrients).
  • Nutrition and Diet: Eating too much food with animal fats in them will reduce the amino acids and vitamin assimilation needed for hair growth and deficiencies in Biotin, Iron, Protein, and Zinc are damaging to healthy hair growth.
  • Environment: make your client aware that our scalps are continuously exposed to air pollutants, chlorine, metals, minerals and water pollution.  Let them know that these pollutants can mix with the toxins from our body and play a major role in hair loss.  Then let them know your plan to get them back on the right track.
Once you complete your consultation you will know what service is needed or not needed on your client.  Then you choose your product of choice as well as the appropriate tools. 




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